Don't listen to haters. For each one, there are thousands of us who think you're the most awesome person on the internet. Ok I don't know about thousands but I do.


I love you all

Yes John Green has said some very bad things. But most classic authors were super mega racists and u and others still read their works. So you can not like john green's writing that is understandable. But saying you don't like his art because you don't like him as a person is kind of hypocritical


Then call me a motherfucking hypocrite darling

Idk, just you have never been under communism but perhaps your 17 years in harsh modern day ireland has taught you all you need to know about communism. I mean, you read a book on the subject, you are a goddamn pro


Literally nobody on this motherfucking website understands my humour I swear to baby jesus fuck you all

162, 163, 164


162 - God:

Of course God is real, I mean, just look at me.

163 - Hell:

Hell is real also, it’s called yo face.

164 - Heaven:

Heaven is my electric blanket.

18 28 46 74


18 - Sport to play:

Sassing people

28 - Band:

I have no idea, I’m not a big music person.

46 - More guy friends or girl friends:

I have more guy friends because I go to an all-boys school but in primary school when we were mixed I was in a class of 3 boys and 9 girls so I used to have more girl friends then.

74 - I have/will get a job:

I’ve never worked a day in my life (unless you count work experience WHICH WAS TERRIBLE). I’d like to work in a bookshop though. 

55, 136, 108


55 - Your dream vacation:

I’d love to visit Paris

136 - Hillary or Obama:

Tbh I’d have to go with Hillary at the moment

108 - Designer Clothes:

I personally own none, I buy all of my clothes at Topman, but I’d love to just splash out sometime.